Vermicomposting is a natural process whereby composting worms and micro-organisms transform organic matter into vermicompost.  Compost worms (Eisenia fetida and andrei in our latitudes) are unique in that they live only in decomposing organic matter and in the upper layers of the soil. They differ from earthworms, which are larger and live in the soil, digging vertical galleries several metres deep.

PUR VER® vermicompost is produced exclusively from local plant matter (brewers' grains, coffee grounds, etc.) but can also be produced from animal by-products such as manure.

Vermicompost is a soil improver, i.e. a product that needs to be mixed with the soil to fertilise and structure it. The quality of vermicompost depends on the "food", the vermicomposting technique and the density of worms.


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