Active since 2012 in the production of quality vermicompost from recycled plant materials, Pur Ver intends to develop its activities in line with its founding principles, namely the development of effective and sustainable agronomic solutions inspired by nature, as part of a scientific approach supported by academic partners, in close collaboration with our customers and with the aim of helping amateur gardeners and professional users.

Pur Ver is committed to

  • Contribute to the development of the circular economy by using materials considered as waste by other activities ;
  • Continuously seek out raw materials of plant origin to produce high-quality fertilisers and biostimulants ;
  • Limiting energy consumption in its production processes ;
  • Limiting the environmental impact of product packaging and distribution channels ;
  • Comply with current environmental regulations and legislation ;
  • Integrate harmoniously into the agricultural environment in which it operates ;
    • Comply with the requirements of ISO-14001 environmental standards, i.e.continuous improvement ;
    • environmental protection, including pollution prevention;
    • Meet compliance obligations

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